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These days avoiding student debt is extremely difficult. About 67 percent of students in bachelor degree programs have to borrow money to complete their degrees. While taking on zero debt may not act as a possible solution, you definitely can minimize the amount of loans you take out in your name.

The One Mistake Many College Students Make

Many students try to reduce the debt they take on by working full-time at a job while going to school. While this may seem like an idea that will work out for the better, working 40+ hours a week while going to your classes can make it less likely that you will graduate within six years. When you work part-time hours, you will learn valuable time management skills. Plus, you won’t take too much time away from your academics. Students who work 40 hours a week while going to school full-time become half as likely to graduate as their counterparts who work part-time.

If you’re interested in graduating from college with no debt, follow these guidelines:

  1. Enroll at your in-state college or university: In-state colleges and universities act as some of the most inexpensive options for higher education. Students who go to their public colleges and universities are less likely to borrow money to attend college. Those who do borrow end up owing less after graduation.
  2. Enroll in a 2-year community college: Community colleges usually act as a very inexpensive option for higher education. You can get a degree from a community college and then transfer to a public 4-year institution for even more savings.
  3. Live at home: One way you can save thousands of dollars on your tuition bill is to live at home instead of in your college’s dorm. You can even eliminate this choice by going to a 2-year community college after high school and commuting from home. If you really can’t deal with the thought of living at home after high school, you can get an apartment with a friend and share the rent and utilities. By getting an apartment and sharing the expenses with someone else, you can also cut down on travel costs during school breaks.
  4. Enroll at an inexpensive school: The majority of students who graduate from college without any debt pay close attention to the cost of the schools to which they apply. To increase your chances of getting a no-debt education, enroll in a college or university whose tuition and fees don’t exceed $10,000 a year.